Building A St Ayles Skiff

... turn a flat pack fit into a rowing boat - surely it can't be that easy?

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All about the Build ...

Building a St Ayles skiff may seem quite a daunting task but it is a great way to get people involved in a very hands on way that allows even those with a little knowledge and skill to help build something very worthwhile.

In an average of 650 man hours you can turn a flat pack kit into a fully complete rowing boat. This gives a great sense of acheivement for everyone involved which can then go on to provide a fantastic resource for the communioty to get on the water and enjoy rowing.

We kept a time lapse of the build of the Coull D to show the progress of the build and found this to be a great account of how it all went.

The Club

The club is made up of a diverse group of people of all ages and is open to both men and women ageing from 18 +. A crew consists of 4 rowers all taking one oar each and the cox who ensures the correct timing is kept and the safety of all on onboard. We have regular training sessions for the members, weather and tide permitting, and welcome interest from local people to come along and have a go and see how much fun this can be.

The Scottish Fisheries Museum

As part of the Scottish Fisheries Museum we have the benefit of being able to use the Museum facilities and have built up a great relationship with the people in the Museum. The first skiff built is our own Chris o Kanaird designed by Ian Oughtred and commission by the Museum. Find out more about the project .... more

Our Achievements

2019 has been a busy year with trophies being won at Greenock regatta and Newhaven Midsummer Challenge with the highlight being the World Championships where we successfully returned with Silver medals for the Under 40 Men & Womens'  and Bronze medals in the Womens' Open and Mix 280+ categories. 

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