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Welcome to the St Ayles Rowing Club

The St Ayles Rowing Club
was established in May 2010 as part of a community project to try and bring together people of all ages who would like to get involved with something that would not only help their fitness but more importantly as a social method of getting to know the people in your area and have a bit of fun along the way.

The initial idea behind this came from the Scottish Fisheries Museum who commissioned the first Skiff and the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project whose aim was to have communities building and rowing the boats in inter-community regattas.

The club is made up of a diverse group of people of all ages and is open to both men and women ageing from 18 – 80, or older if you feel up to it. A crew consists of 4 rowers all taking one oar each and the cox who ensures the correct timing is kept and the safety of all on onboard. We have regular training sessions for the members, weather and tide permitting, and welcome interest from local people to come along and have a go and see how much fun this can be.

As part of the Scottish Fisheries Museum we have the benefit of being able to use the Museum facilities and have built up a great relationship with the people in the Museum and especially the Boats Club who have been instrumental in the building of our second boat.

In our first year we have attended all the regattas which have been a great success and are hoping that with the addition of new Skiffs to other communities we will be able to compete in more places around Scotland and continue to enjoy and help embrace the spirit of the Project.



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